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What is a Smart City

A smart city is a framework composed of ICT to develop, deploy, and promote sustainable development practices to address urbanisation challenges. It works through a network of connected machinery and objects that transmit data using wireless technology, where cloud-based IoT applications receive, analyse and manage data to help local governments, enterprises and citizens make better decisions that will improve quality of life. Companies around the world are investing in more and more smart cities to achieve this, with around 443 smart city projects in 286 cities currently worldwide.

How a Smart City works

A Smart City has its main driver in the use of innovation and technological potential as tools for transformation and improvement of quality of life. Getting into the operational field, the implementation of sensors and IoT devices is used for collecting data from buildings, facilities, traffic systems, security, supplies, etc. to be processed and sent to specific management platforms, where they can be visualised, analysed and even operate in real time in different areas of the city.

How to become a Smart CITY?


Create an online economic system that saves time and makes transactions easier for citizens.


More efficient, safe and comfortable buildings for their inhabitants.


The best use of resources, as well as the integration of the city with the least impact on the surrounding environment should be one of the most important reasons.


Systems for knowing the state of traffic, managing it and optimising it is fundamental for organisational improvement and improving the quality of life of citizens. Use of renewable energies and shorter travel times with intelligent mobility mean more time for people.


The digitalisation of public administrations to facilitate management is a clear example to follow, as well as transparency in management for citizens.


Together with the environment, they form the other major reason why smart cities are developing. Offering solutions based on people’s ideas and needs.

Riding the next wave of connectivity

providers of 5G and connected infrastructure, our unrivalled expertise in providing high-capacity, high-availability, multi-use communications networks make us the ideal partner in building the smart communities of tomorrow, today.

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A 5G future

The advent of 5G is changing the way we live, learn, work, play and communicate. As communities become smarter, and customer experiences become more streamlined, we look at the way that advanced technologies like AI, data analytics and the Internet of Things will shape the future for both public and private enterprise

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